Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why, oh why

Why, oh why do I ask JD to take pictures?! I made myself a breautiful (if I do say so myself) flower necklace. I have several of the large flower necklaces in my Etsy shop but you can't really tell what size they are so I got the brilliant idea to just ask Jared to take a picture of me wearing my yellow flower necklace. He proceeds to take pictures of my double chin, my DUHHH face, etc. I did, however, manage to do some cropping and touching up on a couple of pictures after deleting the ones where I look like Quasimodo.

This is as good as it gets folks.

On a super happy note, I received some happy packages in the mail today. I ordered a buttload (a lot) of feathers from Pick Your Plum. Really, if you haven't signed up to receive daily emails from Pick Your Plum you should. They're awesome!!

I also got not one but two packages from SnapCrafty full of colorful fantabulousness. I order a lot of my supplies from SnapCrafty's Etsy shop. One of my recent weaknesses: bright flower cabochons.

I will officially be locked in my house for most of the weekend now. Expect lots of good stuff to appear in my SHOP next week.

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Therese's Treasures said...

Oh boy Jenn, I love your loot! Have fun creating pretties this weekend.

debby said...

love all the new goodies and can't wait to see what you make=the yellow flower necklace is just the cutest ever!!!