Monday, August 1, 2011

My favorite day of vacay

Can I say that I absolutely LOVE vacation!! I didn't do anything spectacular but I did manage to make some jewelry, organize my craft room, bug the hubs A LOT, and I had one really fun day with my Tay Tay. Connie dropped Taylor off while I hid in the bathroom. We didn't want Presley to know I was there = I'm a genius and hid in the bathroom. Apparently, Taylor told Pres that she was coming to move furniture with Uncle Jared ha.  Off we went.....We ate at Foosackly's, one of my favorite places. I could drink foo sauce, I swear. The Foos we went to just so happens to be connected to Smoothie King which is also one of Tay's favorite places. She even knew a shortcut to get from one place to the other without having to go back outside. So at this point Tay is the coolest 6 year-old EVER. She knows shortcuts!!! I didn't even know about the secret door to get from Foos to Smoothie King.

After we ate lunch (my poor stomach needs a break) and then drank a second lunch we went to Paint Party Studios. YAY!! I love to paint. We listened to Justin Bieber the whole way. I forgot my stinkin camera so my pictures are even more blurry than normal which is why I want a new iPhone...for the camera ;)

She did a great job!! I was so proud of her.

I wanted to paint something girly but a year ago I promised to paint a fleur-de-lis for JD. He asks me about it EVERY time I paint.

No day with Tay is complete without Chill! We decided to be nice and pick up Uncle Jared to come with. You're welcome! I could probably eat their frozen yogurt three meals a day. Foo sauce and froyo. What a great combination. We had an awesome day!!

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debby said...

I love both of your paintings and can't wait for my turn to be creative