Thursday, August 25, 2011

I help animals one small pill at a time...

I occassionally start out writing a really juicy post and then get distracted and forget about it. Today I decided to look through my drafts and find something to elaborate on but I found this. Trying to make Milo do anything is a disaster but this post is pretty funny. The whole situation scarred me...Milo hasn't really been groomed since. (The below was written probably a year ago. Disclaimer: I'm not a bad mommy, I just really like my arms without scratch marks)

The other day I noticed that Milo, the 20lb rug that looks like a cat, was looking mighty nappy (translation: he needed to be brushed). I've talked about Milo before but I don't know how well I've explained the fact that Milo turns into a demon with anyone but me and occassionally he does growl at me. It's not a cute thing. If he was a tiny 5lb cat or even 10lbs, it might be a cute thing but he's 20lbs so it's kinda scary. Jared's scared of him which Milo takes full advantage of every chance he gets. Jared feels the need to tattle on the animals and apparently has some kind of notebook where he instantly writes down Milo's every offense just to bring it up at the most inopportune time like when I'm asleep.

Monday, I had the day off and ran some errands.One of them was to pick up some sort of tranquilizer for my little Milo so I could brush him out otherwise I would end up chasing a growling cat throughout the house. The directions say to give him half a pill 30 minutes before I need to "groom" him. Groom is an elegant term for what actually happens when I chase him around. It usually involves me lunging toward him with the brush hoping it detangles one of his many knots as I pull it through his fur before he runs in the opposite direction. I gave him half the pill and waited... He looked the same, wasn't passing out or drooling. Waited some more... It's got to be time now??? The vet said I could give him the 2nd half but I'm really wary about giving him unknown drugs otherwise I would have just given him something of mine.

So after purchasing aforementioned drugs and holding Milo down to make him take it and waiting very impatiently, I ended up chasing him around for 30 minutes anyway.

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Therese's Treasures said...

That is too funny Jenn, I can just picture you chasing a 20lb cat around with a brush in your hand yelling MILO STOP MILO!! Here is a suggestion crush the pill and mix it into either a spoonful of can cat food or tuna. This is how I give my cat his medicine.