Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Rocks!!

 I found this (above) out earlier. How nifty is that?!?! I have an "author id" through Google and Etsy submits all my items to Google to be displayed. That is too freaking cool. I know nothing at all about computers, don't claim to be any sort of an expert on SEO or anything else for that matter BUT this just makes my day. I'm a little behind the times. And I know that everyone's items look just like this (well, I do now) but I think this is cool. Until about 10 minutes ago, I had no idea this is what my jewelry looks like in Google Shopping.

Should I be concerned that I've already sold those Red Feather Earrings and they're still in the search????

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Therese's Treasures said...

That is really cool Jenn. I would check on Etsy to see if there is a way to update Google postings since it is Etsy that sends them to Google (just a guess).

debby said...

that is really cool but I have no idea how anything on the computer works LOL I would seconded the recommendation to ask ETSY :)