Thursday, July 7, 2011

The thumbtack balls of fury

Ok, so I apparently suck at making thumbtack balls. When I first saw these on Landee See Landee Do's blog I was so excited to make my own. Negative! I just can't do it. These are the beautiful thumbtack vase fillers that LandeeLu made. You can find the non suck version here.


Lesson Learned:

I bought 3 inch styrofoam balls. I went to purchase my thumbtacks while getting groceries at WalMart. First, let me say that Wally World stresses me out. Not only does it stress me out but the hubby gets very aggravated with all the people which in turn stresses me out more. WalMart does not have large boxes of thumbtacks. So I bought the pack of 70 for 88 cents. I bought ALL of them. A ton. we were REALLY ready to get out of there.

I go home and start putting my thumbtacks in the styro. Started in the center. Made a line, overlapping them slightly. 3 inch balls take well over 350 thumbtacks. Which is a horrific endeavor when I only have small packs of 70 with each individual tack stuck into some uber annoying cardboard.

I. Give. Up.

Next day, I just so happen to be in Dollar Tree looking for random goodness when I see that they have packs of thumbtacks 300 for $1. Oh Dollar Tree how I love thee. Bought as many of those as possible.

Finish my first thumbtack ball BUT when I go to put the last thumbtack in the end, it isn't very secure so I have to super glue it down. No biggie. I finish all the styro balls. I bought Kryon white primer spraypaint with my other choice of colors. Let me just say that there are a hiney load of mosquitoes in the South. Mobile has unpredictable weather: it's sunny and 105 degrees one minute and storming the next. Mosquitoes love our humidity. My hair hates it. So I go to spray the styro balls with primer and all my bloodsucking friends and the needle in the can of SP is so far down that I have to ram my thumb to get it to spray while in my front yard. I would have done this in the backyard to prevent embarrassment but there are even more bugs back there.

Spraypaint melts styrofoam. I guess I didn't overlap my tacks well enough because I now have odd-shaped balls of disaster. I manage to spraypaint them while simultaneously being attacked by killer bugs. They look weird and not at all like Landee's.

Definitely a bust. I have awesome spraypaint colors though so I guess that's a plus. Maybe with one more coat of paint they'll look a little like balls and less like pinecones. Oooh I can spray some pinecones. That's way easier.

I'm linking up to Landee See Landee Do because her blog is awesome and I'll probably end up copying her a lot :)

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debby said...

Jenn you are cracking me up!!!! A hiney load of mosquitoes LOL