Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabric Vase Fillers

Technically my version of the fabric vase fillers are in a bowl but I can't think of a proper name for them other then fabric balls. I just don't think that's appropriate. For one, if you have your mind in the gutter, you might come to this post thinking it's going to be about something else. Two, these aren't just balls of fabric. They're awesome. And third, there's not a third. I just got carried away with numbering.

Out of all the projects that I set out to do this was by far the easiest. "Easy" meaning it caused the least amount of time and aggravation.

Easy Peasy:
Cut out 1/2 inch fabric strips, making sure that they will wrap completely around your styrofoam ball. I used 5 inch styro balls.

Wrap the fabric and pin. I didn't want my pins to be too visible so I bought some that were very small.

Repeat with each strip of fabric until the styrofoam is no longer visible. The end. I was so happy with these that I almost considered not finishing my thumbtack vase fillers. If only I hadn't already put over a thousand tacks in the four small styro balls. That project will come later.

I added this picture so you could witness the mess that is my dining room table. There are at least 5 different projects surrounding this bowl and those are only the ones visible here. I believe there is still some wedding paraphernalia around the table as well.

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Anonymous said...

Me likey!!! You are so talented Pookie :)))

debby said...

I love the mosaic print on these!!!

debby said...

I just love the pattern and colors on these!!!

debby said...

are you going to put some of these on your ETSY site??? you should

Jenn said...

Bahaha. Mom you're a mess. I love your comments. I don't think I'll be putting these on Etsy. They're just too easy to make.

Alicia - Thanks Pookie!!