Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Bedazzled Beach Bag

I was in Dollar Tree (one of my favorite places EVER) the other day and they had these canvas totes for $1 each. It was too good to pass up so as is my custom, I bought 6 of them. No idea what I wanted to do with them yet but I knew they'd be cute when I finished.

Foam Spouncers or paintbrush
acrylic craft paint

I got a little excited and painted them before I had a chance to take the before picture but you get the idea. I actually painted this for a friend to use at the pool/beach. I used acrylic craft paint because I already had a ton of it from other projects. However, it would probably be best to use some kind of fabric paint if you are going to use the tote as a beach bag that might get wet. I chose colors that would go with the yellow trim that was already on the bag. They had light blue as well. Is it sad that I get excited about color combinations??? Yes, I think it is.

I bought a whole pack (over 100 images) of these stencils at WalMart for super cheap. It wasn't until I got home that I realized they were a thin cardboard. After you use the stencil a couple of times, it starts to warp. I put mine under a heavy book and it dried fine but it's probably not good for too many more uses. I still don't think that's too bad for $2. If I had a Cricut I could have made some stencils out of cardboard myself. I'm just saying!!!

Then I added some bling and the bag was complete. This was my first attempt and I was overexcited to get it done so I rushed. I think the next one will have rosettes as well as lots of bling.

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debby said...

I saw the first completed bag up close and personal and I love it!!! Spring colors and just the right amount of bling for the poolside:)