Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CIJ Preview: Day 2

Yesterday was a big ole massive mess of aggravation so I only managed to get 2 of my team members on the CIJ post. Blogger was being slow as Christmas and I am super impatient. So today I'm going to feature 4 members and pray that I can do it without wanting to scream at everyone that walks by. On that note, enjoy the eye candy below :) (and please ignore my extreme irritability)

Kristal and Jennifer have mastered the art of Tutu. Not only are the tutus super cute but they have managed to get some rockin' pictures. 
Kristal is offering 10% of the entire shop during the sale. 

Diane's collages are creativity at its best. Her shop is full of collage art pendant jewelry.

Leslie has a shop full of vintage goodies. It was really hard to choose just two.
She is offering 20% off the CIJ section of her shop

Robin upcycles wool sweaters into'll really have to visit her shop to see the awesomeness.
She is offering 10% off her entire shop during the sale.

Does anyone else want to put on a tutu and pendant necklace and drink tea with some upcycled wool owls?? Just me?

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Anonymous said...

Great post Jenn...thanks! I just reblogged about it. Thanks for featuring me! :-)