Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas in July - Because you're FANTABULOUS!

Who doesn't love Christmas?!?! Especially Christmas in July. And what, you ask, could make it even more lovable???? Well, since you are inquiring, a good ole SALE. In July. For Christmas. Or really for whatever you heart desires. We'd do that for you because you're awesome.

Now for the shameless plug (you didn't think I was babbling for nothing, did you ;):

Alabama Accents Team (the most fantabulous team on Etsy) is having a Christmas in July (CIJ) Sale. Some of our SUPERB members will be coming together to sell you some awesomeness. For those of you who aren't familiar with CIJ: It's basically a great way to stock up on presents. Jewelry, accessories, vintage finds, clothing, etc. Doesn't have to be Christmas related at all. So be prepared for some great deals!

The sale is from July 23rd-30th. One week only so get your shopping monies together. The team tag for this sale is: alaccents cij. When you go to Etsy, enter alaccents cij into the search field and all of the items will instantly pop up for you. Like Christmas magic.

And because one post just wouldn't be enough, I'll be delivering some daily peeks at some of the participating shops so you can take a gander at the future presents of Grandma, Mom, Brother, Dad, Sister, and all those other very important people in your lives. Show your love and support Alabama Accents because we're awesome too!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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