Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cherry Blossom Tree

 It is has been terribly rainy here the past couple of days which makes it almost impossible to get good pictures of anything in our house of shadows. I did manage to get some decent pics of my Cherry Blossom Trees. I made two. I had enough branches for four and probably would have made four but I only have two vases Sigh.

- tissue paper {I used 2 pinks and 2 greens. The light green actually looked a lot better}
- branches {purchased at Hobby Lobby. You could more than likely find some in your yard but I have a thing about getting "real" branches because of bugs....I'm weird.}
- hot glue gun and glue
- I used two tall vases {wedding leftovers} and because they are somewhat top heavy, I put black rocks {also wedding leftovers} into the bottom to give it some weight.

Cut small squares from the pink tissue paper and triangles from the green.

Layer your squares and put the green triangle on the outside of the layers. On some tutorials, they instruct where to put the green triangle but I get really excited about making things and have no patience so I put it wherever my little heart desired. Same effect, I promise.

Grab the layers in the center and bunch together as shown above. I crinkled the tissue paper as well to give it a more realistic appearance. Again, some tutorials instruct to put a dab of glue on the tip of the bunched-up blossom. I twisted the center or tip of the blossom and hot glued it straight to the branches. 

I added some light green leaves on some of the branches after gluing the blossoms. In this lovely picture you can also see my "The Hiestands" subway art that I have yet to hang up. Don't tell JD but that's our project for today. He'll be real happy about hanging something else for me while I micromanage the entire event.

Here's Shooter looking awkward as ever. He wasn't in the picture-taking mood so he just stood there and stared at the floor. That's how he rolls!

 My tutorial skills are lacking. I'm not an expert but I do love to make things and share the process even if my pictures are bad and the furbabies "help". We love it. Hope you enjoyed my take on the Cherry Blossom Tree :)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Vacay!!!!

Today's the first weekday of my vacation. Nine days off from work. Excited!!! The hubs and I bought some shelves and because I begged JD loves me so much, he put them up for me. I waited all of five minutes after we brought the shelves home to start organizing my craft supplies. Still not finished putting things away but I promise to have pictures later in the week.

Now I leave you with a pic of dinner. Pizza burger and fries, courtesy of my Jared. It's super healthy {insert eye roll now}. I walked the furbabies today - I deserve it!


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Friday, July 22, 2011

20% OFF Christmas in July Sale

To show my appreciation for all of my blog followers I've created a coupon code to be used during the Christmas in July Sale. Here are some of my recent items...

As a thank you to all my blog followers I'm offering 20% off my entire shop July 23-30! Just enter coupon code BLOG20 at checkout. That's on top of the free shipping on  most items in the store. (free shipping excludes bib necklaces...bib necklaces = bigger box = more $ shipping)

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CIJ Preview: Sale's Tomorrow!!!

Alabama Accents' Christmas in July Sale starts tomorrow!!! Today I'm going to feature the last two shops. I plan on being super busy for the next week. I've taken some time off from work so that I can make LOTS of new jewelry and crafts and spend some time with my family. I will still be posting here hopefully with lots of new jewelry pics and some finished projects.

Laurl's shop is full of her creative designs. Colorful handpainted knobs, personalized keychains, paintings. She does it all.

In need of an awesome growth chart for your little one?? Nursery room decor? Check out Jennifer's shop for some of the cutest growth charts and decor I've seen. If I was still growing (taller, not wider) I'd definitely have to get these bright patterned beauties.

Don't forget: Christmas in July Sale July 23rd-30th on Etsy
Just enter alaccents CIJ in the search box.

Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

CIJ Preview: Day 3

Today's fabulous preview features 3 team members and their loverly goodies. I don't know about yall but I'm getting super excited. Not quite sure why but it's almost like Christmas is this weekend. Of course I've come up with a ton of new ideas for pieces that I want to put in my shop. As usual, I don't have the time to put them together, take pics, edit those pics (my picture-taking skills are horrid to say the least), then post them AND do all of this before Saturday.

Kristi's shop has some of the cutest babies I've ever seen!!! They're not for sale, but the patterns for her uber gorgeous crochet goodies are. I ALMOST want to have a baby just so I can put her/him in these photo props.

Not your grandma's pin cushion: Ashley's pin cushions are made from beautiful fabrics. And her shop is growing as we speak with pretty coasters and paper goods.

Lisa offers children's clothing: bright patterns suited for any princess.

Can you tell I like Zebra print???

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CIJ Preview: Day 2

Yesterday was a big ole massive mess of aggravation so I only managed to get 2 of my team members on the CIJ post. Blogger was being slow as Christmas and I am super impatient. So today I'm going to feature 4 members and pray that I can do it without wanting to scream at everyone that walks by. On that note, enjoy the eye candy below :) (and please ignore my extreme irritability)

Kristal and Jennifer have mastered the art of Tutu. Not only are the tutus super cute but they have managed to get some rockin' pictures. 
Kristal is offering 10% of the entire shop during the sale. 

Diane's collages are creativity at its best. Her shop is full of collage art pendant jewelry.

Leslie has a shop full of vintage goodies. It was really hard to choose just two.
She is offering 20% off the CIJ section of her shop

Robin upcycles wool sweaters into'll really have to visit her shop to see the awesomeness.
She is offering 10% off her entire shop during the sale.

Does anyone else want to put on a tutu and pendant necklace and drink tea with some upcycled wool owls?? Just me?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CIJ Preview: Day 1

For today's post I've randomly picked 2 of the participating members of our Christmas in July (CIJ) Sale. 'Random' being the key word here. There's no method to my madness. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with tons of pictures so my posts will be brief but, of course, loaded with linksies that you can click on!

First up: Marcoot Boutique 
Thelma's shop is full of super cute children's clothing.
Free shipping during the sale on all holiday clothing.

Next is:    Chocolate Kennels
Stephanie makes doggy accessories for all those furbabies out there in need of some pizzazz.

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