Monday, June 27, 2011

My Jewelry Models

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. I got to spend lots of time with the Hubs and our nieces. {A little side note: Couldn't there be a sweeter name for my new family other than in-laws. I feel like that has such a negative feel to it. Any suggestions??} I made the girls some cute turqouise flower earrings with rhinestones in the center. Made myself a pair as well so we all matched. Presley hasn't had her ears pierced yet so I dug up some earring clips for her tiny little ears. I think they were a success and they looked so stinkin cute on her. I made some rings for them as well. I couldn't find any youth size filigree ring bands that I liked so I used some of my superb jewelry skills (I'm lying, it took no skill at all. Thank gawd) and shaped the rings to fit my pinky. Taylor has already requested some more colors which I will be more than happy to put together for her. I've got to have her looking THE BOMB this Summer in some colorful flower jewelry.

Terrific Taylor

She is rocking those earrings!!!

Precious Presley

She's so fabulous she wears her new clip-on earrings in the splash pad at the park. Because, that's how we do it!!

Speaking of The is Ms. Kylie looking like a rockstar. My good friend Jennifer recently purchased some rosebud earrings and a sweet little flower ring for her niece Kylie who was more than willing to model her new jewelry for us. She already has those modeling poses down!

Could these girls get any cuter?!?! Glad they liked their jewelries :)

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debby said...

All these pics are just too dang cute and they know how to work that jewelry:) maybe Auntie Jenn gave them pointers LOL