Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Last night while watching a little TV I started thinking about all the things that make me happy which is a lot of things but if I had to try and narrow them down and then remember them for today, my list would consist of these things: {in no particular order}

* The hubs

* Nora Roberts' movies on Lifetime {guess what I was watching as I composed this list}

* My furbabies:  Isabella
Milo...resembles a large fuzzy blanket

Shooter McGavin

* BrIGhT ColOrS

* The beach

* My favorite lady EVER
Momma aka Debby, Momma Deb, island52 on Etsy.

* Watching movies with my Love

* My friends

* A clean house

* Reading in bed

* My iPod

* Funny faces

Love these little girls!!!
* Momma's birthday dinner Taco Salad

* Chill frozen yogurt

* My family {all 15 of us}

Combined families are the bomb!!!

* Dancing

* Making jewelry

* Crafty Blogs

* Hair Braids

Matching hair braids :)

* Clean Sheets

* Flowers ;)

What makes you happy??

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