Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantabulous Friday

This week's awesomeness would be DIY wall art which I found a ton of inspiration online. A few of my pins on Pinterest:


I can definitely put together some pretty paper canvases (Is canvases even a word?? I feel like it should be canvasi or something a little more spectacular sounding) and hang those bad boys. I, however, don't see the hubs letting me hang cans on the walls.



Painted Thrift Store Frames


DIY Patterned Wall Squares

{How About Orange}
These patterned squares are made from foam board and your fave patterned paper. I can so see myself doing this project. Better yet, Jessica also gives a few hints on how to attach those pretty littles to the wall without having to use nails.

Tea Cup Clock

{Sweet Paul}

I hope to have at least one of these on my wall soon. I would have the cutest house EVER if only I could commit to finishing all my DIY projects. One day....

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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debby said...

do a grouping of the cans on the fence with sunflowers and gerbera daisies-that would be so pretty!!!

debby said...

and I truly love the fabric covered easels with the patterns on the fabrics:)