Friday, June 17, 2011

Fantabulous Friday - Pick Your Plum

Welcome to my new obsession!! Today's fantabulousness is something that I just couldn't go another day without sharing. I recently discovered Pick Your Plum while catching up on my blogs. Pizzazzerie is this cuper cute blog that's currently on my stalk list and Courtney's current craft giveaway is $75 worth of craft goodies. Visit her blog and check out the post where I also learned about Pick Your Plum. Her giveaway ends today so HURRY over and check her out. She's so cute!

Pick Your Plum is this awesome site that has daily deals of super cheap craft goodness. They offer one deal a day Monday through Friday. The only catch is you have to get there fast before their limited quantity of supplies is gone. It's so easy to sign up for the email list. Go to their site and sign up. You'll get daily emails on their latest deal. I've been signed up for two days and have already had some great picks. Today's deal is the Naked 4 square picture plaque at 65% off!

What I find completely fantabulous about this site is that not only do they offer some amazing deals, they also throw in a couple of pictures to give you some inspiration. I bought some of these kits and I plan on making 2 or 3 {probably 12 :)} photo boards and that fabulous key holder. We need one of those with a quickness.

So hurry over to Pick Your Plum and sign up. I'm anxious to see what Monday's deal will be. I have a feeling this site is going to be my new best friend!!!


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Anonymous said...

We need some kind of key holder with a mail holder attached!! Got any suggestions??!! I love this key holder idea! :)

debby said...

That key holder is super cute!! You are such a craft geek LOL