Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Etsy Treasuries: Teal and Peach

I have been so fortunate to have more of my items featured in two treasuries this week. I'm a HUGE fan of everything Etsy. I buy most of my supplies and a lot of random goodies from Etsy sellers so I jump at the chance to blog about someone's shop. Being an Etsy seller myself I know that every bit helps. I abosolutely love having my items in treasuries . I get just as excited about being in a treasury as I do when I actually sell something. And I hope that I never lose that excitement. So, that being said, here are two treasuries and their awesome curators.

This treasury is full of some really cute items. I love the graphic print shirts and accessories (my earrings being one of those fabulous accessories). Great Job!!

CatamountDigital's shop is filled with awesome photographic prints. It was VERY hard to come up with just two of my faves but I think I have it narrowed down to:

I love these colors. I'm really into teal and turquoise right now{along with the rest of the world} so this print definitely caught my attention.

Love me some peach! The items in this treasury should all be mine. The jewelry and accessories are to die for. I can't even pick one specific item to focus on.

Tamaragineo makes wine totes that I absolutely must possess. I mean who doesn't want one of these?!?!

I also would like to get one of these wish bracelets. I have a thing for charms and already own a wish necklace that is so cute I couldn't bear for it to actually break. I might be wearing this bracelet in the near future.

Gotta love some teal and peach!!! Go check out these shops on Etsy to get an even better understanding of their awesomeness :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn, Thank you so much for featuring this, and the compliments on my wine tote!!!! Just flipped through your blog, love it! - Tamaragineo

debby said...

I vote for the Genvieve necklace with the peach ribbon n pearls plus you have the connection with the name:)