Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cricut or Silhouette????

It's no secret that I REALLY want an "electronic cutting machine". I've worked with the Cricut before and absolutely love it. I want it. BAD. I can sit and think of all the different crafty projects that I could accomplish with one of those bad mamajammas in my possession. The only thing is that I want to save up enough money to get the machine (it comes with one cutting mat, some cartridges, etc) and the separate cartridges that I want. I promised myself that only after I had saved up the extra money would I buy one. 'Extra' being the keyword there. Oh and I really want the Cricut Expression2: Anniversary Edition because it has some cool new features that would so help with my OCD hoarding and what not {unfortunately, it's more expensive *sniff, sniff*}. The feature that I think would most make me happy is the mat preview. It allows you to preview how your shapes will look on the mat. I hate to waste my craft supplies so mat preview is definitely worth the extra $100 to me. Wasting vinyl would probably put me in some kinda of anxiety-induced coma. No one wants to see that. Trust me.

The Cricut stands alone, no computer needed. You set it up, buy the cartridges, and you're ready to cut.

Then there's the Silhouette SD. It comes with software, you hook it up to your computer and you only buy the shapes/words you want. You don't have to buy expensive cartridges just to use one shape. AND one of the blogs I stalk has a Silhouette Promo going on now until the 29th. Shanty2Chic has a promo code that will get me the machine {and everything that comes with it} and two packs of temporary tattoo paper for $199. PLUS 25% off all other products. I personally don't need the temp tattoo paper but I have two super cute nieces who would love it and lots of friends with children. The only drawback of this is I have to connect to a computer. Jared works at home on our main computer and his office isn't exactly crafter friendly. I'm not too sure how he'd feel about sharing his space with me while I obsess over all the things I will be making. What if he's working and I want need to make something?!?!

Could you please help me make this decision. I really want to purchase one of these soon. If I get the Silhouette, I have until the 29th to make up my mind. If someone bought me one of these two, that would really make my decision easier. And they'd be my best friend! And I would love them forever! Any takers???

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debby said...

practically speaking I think you need to get the cricket since it stands alone and even if the initial cost is a little more for the convenience and being able to use it anywhere would far out way the additional cost.