Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Year of To-do's

I'm obviously running out of creative titles. I actually have a notebook that I've been writing blog posts and ideas in. Actually, I've got a notebook for everything. I'm notorious for my to-do lists which I also have an entire mini notebook of in my purse.  Some things I am very organized about, others not so much. I've promised myself to be better about stuff. Stuff is the most general word I can think of and since I have a lot of things that I've promised myself, we're going to sum it up as "stuff". One of my to-do's is to blog more often so I've decided to make a blog post all about the to-do list of things that I have promised myself. In theory it was going to be from May 1, 2011 to May 1, 2012 but I'm late as usual.

I'm tired! This post makes no sense. Neither do I.

My Year of To-do's

1. Start making more sense!
2. Reach my 200 sales goal on Etsy. (Shouldn't be too hard...I've had 158 already. Thanks Mom)
3. Decorate the front porch.
4. Take more pictures of everything. (Feed my scrapbooking obsession)
5. Complete my wedding scrapbook. (Guess I should start on that)
6. Redecorate our bedroom FINALLY. Blog about it. (Lots of pictures!)
7. Blog More! (This is coming almost straight from my notebook. As you can see, I haven't started on #1 yet)
8. Cook one new recipe a week. (more simply: #8. Cook)
9. Print my blog.
10. One new craft project a week with a tutorial or at least a blog post.
11. Be more organized and actually follow through with the organization.
12. Creat a family calendar (who cooks dinner, date nights, etc). Actually stick to it.
13. Try more restaurants with the Hubs. (He'll go down kicking and screaming on this one)
14. No more "off" days...try to look presentable. Doo-doo ball hair and yoga pants do not count.
16. Save money! (I'm trying to convince everyone who is around that this will only happen with the purchase of #15. So far no one has listened. Damn the man!)
17. Walk the furbabies more. Shooter's getting a belly.
18. Make my own business cards with the Cricut. (I'm not sure why this is important but whatever helps get my point across.)
19. Make a recipe book with all the fabulous dinners I will be making.
20. Move all of our great recipe books to the bookshelf in the diningroom. (This will hopefully allow me to use them more often.)
21. Spend more time with friends and family. Take more pictures.
22. Start my destash shop on Etsy.
23. Groom Milo. (I'm scared!)
24. Volunteer more
25. Take a honeymoon/vacation.
26. Vegetable/herb garden.
27. Yard Sale. (We've got too much stuff!)
28. Take a beach trip with the Hubs.
29. Shopping Spree!!!
30. Snuggle
31. Exercise!!
32. Get off the meds
33. Road trip.
34. Visit one of my good friends in Miami.
35. Decorate the house for each holiday.
36. Play outside more.
37. Learn Spanish AGAIN
38. Start a family
39. Host a Thanksgiving dinner
40. Buy a house with my Love
41. Be a stay-at-home-mom and concentrate on my crafts and Etsy shop
42. Go on a beach trip with my Mommy
43. Read a book a week
44. Have my blog featured on 5 different websites
45. Tell my dad how I really feel

I'll add to this list as is my pattern. I'll even hopefully remember this list and to update it as I complete each one. Oh to-do.

100. Update list as they're completed.

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