Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gorgeous Lace Bib Necklace

And it's not just gorgeous because I made it. I found a tutorial here for this necklace. And Little Miss Momma (one of my fave blogs) did a guest post here originally with this tutorial. I have recently become obsessed with Little Miss Momma's blog and since I want to be her (she's gorgeous) I decided to make this necklace myself.

Materials needed:
Lace Trim
Some Sort of Center Bead
Glue Gun

I didn't use the glass pearls in this pic. They were too small for what I was going for.

I only used 1 sheet of felt (Michaels) for this necklace. First, I cut out my circles. You can make them as large or as small as you'd like. I like big and flashy :) You'll use the rest of the felt as backing for the necklace. Then I began wrapping the eyelet lace trim (Hancock fabrics for SUPER cheap) around the circle of felt. It would probably have been easier to start from the center of the circle and wrap out but I would have ended up using a ton of lace and the flower would have been too tight. I wrapped and used my hot glue gun to secure the trim. Glued a bead in the center.

What my flower looked like after I burned my fingers with hi-temp glue  finished my flower.
After making three flowers I arranged them into the shape that I wanted. I only glued the center flower. Thank gawd that I read LMM's post because I probably would have glued all of them down and then aimlessly wondered around thinking of what to do with the chain. I took the flower on the end and glued the chain to it and THEN glued the entire piece to the felt backing. At this point, Jared had already assisted me in bandaging my wounds from my new hi-temp glue gun. BIG MISTAKE!! Me and hi-temp should never meet. NEVER.

After the glue completely cools, cut the felt around the flowers so that it's not visible. My chain didn't have a clasp but you can always get chain from Michaels/a craft store with a clasp already attached.

This necklace is super cute and really easy to make.  I would recommend another type of glue if you know of anything that can be used on fabric and beads and is sturdy with all your materials. But not everyone is a total tard when it comes to glue guns. And on that note: Happy Crafting :)

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