Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Etsy Obsession: Leg Warmers

The wedding's over, I have a long list of To-do's that need doing so I'm going to start the week off on a good note: My weekly obsession. I've actually been obsessed with Mademoiselle Mermaid's leg warmers for much longer than a week. What instantly grabbed my attention are Renae's pictures. I mean who wouldn't want those legs!?! Not to mention the shoes. AND her leg warmers are so fabulous they make the shoes look invisible (and that's quite an accomplishment because I love me some shoes). Then I began browsing her shop and noticed all the whimsical, albeit sexy, accessories and clothing.

These would look fantabulous with a little denim skirt and sweater...can't wait for winter so I can sport these bad boys!

How freaking cute is she?!?

I covet this cuff!!!

It's easy to see why I am obsessed :)

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Mademoiselle Mermaid said...

Love it Jenn!! Your writing is really super and fun!! Thanks so much for the feature;) Looking forward to more of your posts too!!