Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy Obsession: Babies!!

Before I cause concern: No, Etsy is not selling babies. And I'm not really obsessed with babies so much as I just really love all babies. Some friends just had their first baby girl, Paisley, on May 3rd and she is absolutely adorable. My first reaction: Buy her something. It just so happened that a couple of days later I came upon an old email from Groopdealz and Paislee Lane had her super cute headbands featured.  It was meant to be! The email was a couple of days old so I just hopped on over to her Etsy site and Paisley now has tiny little headbands from Paislee Lane. 

Stephanie can make the headbands to fit newborns, children, AND adults. I'm sold! Not only are her flower headbands beautiful but the pictures in her shop instantly had me hooked. I received the headbands quickly and they are perfect! I really wanted to say they are adorable or cute but I think I've hit my quota on both those words today.

This is one of the headbands I bought Paisley :)

Can't wait to get some pics of the baby in her new headbands!!

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debby said...

I just adore the AVA headband!! It is too too precious

Anonymous said...

will you send me the link...I need to order Colbie and Josie some.

JennP said...

Paislee Lane: http://www.etsy.com/shop/paisleelane?ref=seller_info