Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let there be CHOCOLATE!

This is my first "tutorial" and I didn't take a ton of pictures so please bear with me. I was way too excited to think about anything other than the huge thing of chocolate that I got to play in. Momma J bought me some melting chocolate during the engagement (I can't think of what else to call that period of time that I was planning the wedding. I know, go figure. Me, unable to form a coherent sentence). And I had some marshmallows left over from the chocolate fountain. From these two products sprang forth the marshmallow pops!

I used:
Melting chocolate
Fabulous Hiestand cups for drying time
Pastel Easter sprinkles from the dollar bins at Target

I mean, it's pretty self explanatory. Put marshmallows on the skewers (I cut the pointy ends off...didn't want people poking their lips when they were devouring the deliciousness), melt the chocolate, dip the ends of the mallows in the chocolate, sprinkles. The end.

A few notes that I learned AFTER doing all this. Sprinkles are super crunchy so you might want to go easy on those. I chipped some teeth...didn't stop me from eating them though :) Sprinkles that are round will bounce. Not that that happened to me. I also bought some super cute Easter bags to put these in. I'm all about the cuteness. If I had thought about it I probably would have added some rhinestones and glitter to the bags too. That's just how I roll.

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debby said...

these were truly yummy and I made them last as long as I could:)