Monday, April 25, 2011

I love my hair and makeup extraordinaire!

Please excuse the alcohol behind my's not mine I swear!!

Jennifer has been cutting my hair I would say for about 3 years now. "Cutting" doesn't even come close to describing it. She has not only been my hair stylist but she has listened to my rants, helped me through many of my issues. My notorious TMI stories have never been too much for her. Even more importantly she is one of my close friends. She drove all the way to my house in the middle of the afternoon to do my hair and makeup and I love her even more for that. Mandy, another of my closest friends, brought me some much needed food. They made me bearable and for that everyone should thank them. I was practically starved (have I ever mentioned I'm a drama queen) and looking a big ole mess before they came to my rescue. I love you both!

Jenn, Me and Mandy

P.S I promise my next post will be on something non-wedding related. I made super cute Marshmallow Pops. I want to tell the world: I made something cute!!!! More on that later :)

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debby said...

It's wonderful having friends who are there when you need them no matter the time of day or night!