Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Have an Idea

The wedding's over and now we're in the LONG process of getting the house back to normal. Jared brought up a very good point: What am I going to do now that I no longer have wedding decorations to make. Well, I'm glad you asked Jared. I follow tons of awesome craft blogs and come up with cute crafty ideas all the time but really don't have anything to do with all of the things that I want to make so I'm going to start blogging about it all. This should have dawned on me a long time ago but I'm slow. I still have a ton of stuff to blog about from the wedding and that's going to be priority # 1. Hopefully, beginning in May I will be able to have all my crafty goodness displayed for everyone to see. Now I need to just remove all the crap from my craft room table and find some room to work. Or Jared could buy me a studio...oooh how nice. I'll run that idea by him tonight. Right...

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