Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hiestand Reception

I love using my new last name!!! Ok, truth be told, I'm dying to change my name officially (new social security card, license, etc) and we have gotten our marriage certificate so I'm free to change but I'm scared to look too eager so I'm waiting until probably next Wednesday. Oh the AGONY!

Ok, so I was in a tad bit of a state during a huge part of the "wedding week" so I didn't think to take a ton of pics or to do a lot of things really. I did manage to take some quick pictures of the reception right after we had finished decorating. I started SUPER early that morning. I seriously couldn't have gotten through that day without the help and care of a few special ladies. And I would also like to thank my hubby for being super patient with me during those crazy months when I was partial to hysterical crafting until the wee hours of the night. We have definitely come a long way from the "new" days of our relationship when I'm sure I scared him often with my super OCD-anxious-all-around-freakishness. Thank you Hubs! You've made me so happy.

I am super proud of my centerpieces

The brownie're welcome

My first candy table :)
Lizzie being even more OCD than me. Love you Sis.


debby said...

your pictures from the reception turned out really well and you can see a lot of the details you put into all the centerpieces and other arrangements.

CraftyHope said...

Oh! It's all so beautiful, but that brownie table with the beautiful blue rock candy. . . .YUM!!!!