Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shower #2 My work family

Some of my awesome friends put together a spectacular shower for us at work. I am so very greatful to have made such good friends at my job. Like honest-to-goodness true friends that I know will always be there for me. (WARNING: I've been a little sappy lately...sorry.) One of my friends, Erin, owns a Cricut and I want one SO BAD!! She made fleur de lis confetti and paper flowers with jeweled centers for me. And that's just part of what she did. I swear she's like my craft soulmate. By craft soulmate I mean that she and I love all things crafty. It's not a weird thing....although I'm making myself feel like a stalker. She'll understand what I mean. Back to the point: Mandy and Jenn who are two of my very good friends from work helped set all this up and got me a fantastic cake that had shimmery icing. I didn't want to eat it because the icing was so pretty. I love all things glittery, shimmery, shiny, whatev. The ladies did an awesome job.

This is only some of us....Mandy, Erin where are you??

How fabulous is this centerpiece?!? I wish I had some tall vases to put something like that on every table at the reception.

Love this banner!

Stupid face...not drinking, I swear. But these are my paisley plates.

I want a Cricut!!!!

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