Monday, March 21, 2011

It's all about the accessories!

I've finally got my hair pins and shoes picked out. The hair pins came first. It's a given that the shoes have to be fabulous because I'm a sucker for high heels in cute colors. So I naturally had to find the hair accessories first and then try to match my shoes. My hair pins came from Bloomin Cute Boutique on Etsy. Juliette has some super cute hair pins.

My dress for the courthouse is a cream color. I think the teal above looks a lot better with cream than true blue. My shoes for Friday are almost the same color as above and of course they're about a 5 1/2 heel. So glad we'll have a break in between all the festivities that day. My feet will be very thankful for that break as well.

Saturday, my FANTABULOUS dress is white so naturally I had to get a hair pin that is white. Juliette did an awesome job describing her hair pins. It's exactly what I wanted. White rosettes, black feathers, tulle = cute. My shoes for Saturday weren't originally as blinged out as I wanted them to be. The heel's not as high and they're just ordinary black heels with a cute little peep toe. BUT then I went back to Bloomin Cute Boutique and saw her shoe clips. I haven't been brave enough to buy shoe clips before even though they are a really good idea to spruce up old/ordinary shoes. Juliette was kind enough to make these to match my hair pin. A girl's got to match!

Aren't they super cute?! I can't wait to get the clips so I can see how they look on my shoes.

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