Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crafty Nonsense

Because I'm a huge fan of crafts and DIY, I've pretty much decided to do everything myself. I read a lot of blogs which means that I've come up with three thousand and one craft projects that I want to put together in this small span of time before the reception. I don't know why I keep adding to my list but it all seems fun right now. My centerpieces are finished and they are FANTABULOUS!! Mom and I did a great job with those, if I do say so myself. We practiced on the setup of the candy bar as well. I can't wait!!! I've been working on all these decorations almost everyday. I'll have lots of pictures to post pre-wedding of course but for right now I'll share the camera phone pics of some of the half-way finished decorations.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shower #3 Last but definitely not Least

My shower last weekend was at Connie's house. We had some fabulous food and a really pretty cake by Amyland Cake Co.  We had a lot of fun and I had the BEST helper EVER...Presley. Connie's girls are super cute and Pres and I share a special bond. We read to each other and hang out every time I see her. LOVE that little girl.

I don't think Presley really knew what all of my presents were.

Ok, completely ignore me standing like an idiot on the rug and look how cute Pres is...she's sitting in our chair all sweet and proper, waiting for me to come back.

Lizzie's puppy Prada signed the card!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shower #2 My work family

Some of my awesome friends put together a spectacular shower for us at work. I am so very greatful to have made such good friends at my job. Like honest-to-goodness true friends that I know will always be there for me. (WARNING: I've been a little sappy lately...sorry.) One of my friends, Erin, owns a Cricut and I want one SO BAD!! She made fleur de lis confetti and paper flowers with jeweled centers for me. And that's just part of what she did. I swear she's like my craft soulmate. By craft soulmate I mean that she and I love all things crafty. It's not a weird thing....although I'm making myself feel like a stalker. She'll understand what I mean. Back to the point: Mandy and Jenn who are two of my very good friends from work helped set all this up and got me a fantastic cake that had shimmery icing. I didn't want to eat it because the icing was so pretty. I love all things glittery, shimmery, shiny, whatev. The ladies did an awesome job.

This is only some of us....Mandy, Erin where are you??

How fabulous is this centerpiece?!? I wish I had some tall vases to put something like that on every table at the reception.

Love this banner!

Stupid face...not drinking, I swear. But these are my paisley plates.

I want a Cricut!!!!

Wedding Shower #1 Champagne and Cake

My first wedding shower was at Mom's house a couple of weekends ago. She and Lizzie worked very hard to get the house spotless and they did a great job of making everything so pretty. We played some games of bridal bingo which I actually enjoyed. I'm not a fan of shower games at all but I have to admit that I had a lot of fun and I think it was because of the games. That and the champagne that mom had ready for me when I arrived :)

My beautiful Mom. Couldn't have asked for a better mommy.

I was told to pose while I was cutting the cake...that's just the first thing that came to mind. It comes so naturally because this is how I always cut cakes (insert eyeroll here).

Champagne and cake...what more could I ask for :)

I do have a lot more pictures from this shower but as I was looking through them I realized one very important fact. Champagne does not make for great pictures. The more champagne I drink, the stupider my facial expressions get.

I've had two showers since this one so there will be more shower pics to come...

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's all about the accessories!

I've finally got my hair pins and shoes picked out. The hair pins came first. It's a given that the shoes have to be fabulous because I'm a sucker for high heels in cute colors. So I naturally had to find the hair accessories first and then try to match my shoes. My hair pins came from Bloomin Cute Boutique on Etsy. Juliette has some super cute hair pins.

My dress for the courthouse is a cream color. I think the teal above looks a lot better with cream than true blue. My shoes for Friday are almost the same color as above and of course they're about a 5 1/2 heel. So glad we'll have a break in between all the festivities that day. My feet will be very thankful for that break as well.

Saturday, my FANTABULOUS dress is white so naturally I had to get a hair pin that is white. Juliette did an awesome job describing her hair pins. It's exactly what I wanted. White rosettes, black feathers, tulle = cute. My shoes for Saturday weren't originally as blinged out as I wanted them to be. The heel's not as high and they're just ordinary black heels with a cute little peep toe. BUT then I went back to Bloomin Cute Boutique and saw her shoe clips. I haven't been brave enough to buy shoe clips before even though they are a really good idea to spruce up old/ordinary shoes. Juliette was kind enough to make these to match my hair pin. A girl's got to match!

Aren't they super cute?! I can't wait to get the clips so I can see how they look on my shoes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Candy Bar

This is my loverly drawing of our candy bar! I'm super OCD so I've drawn out a lot of the tables. I've officially ordered all of the candies and lollipops. All of the candy bowls and dishes have been purchased and are ready to be decorated. Now, if I could just stop adding more to my list of things to do/decorate I might actually start to make some progress on this whole wedding planning thing.