Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I could seriously do this all day...

I have been "browsing" for dress ideas and shoes A LOT lately. By browsing I mean that I've been plopped down in front of the computer obsessively scrolling through pages and pages of blue shoes and cute dresses. I've actually started to change my mind about what I'm going to be wearing. I was originally thinking shorter, white dress on Friday and cute black dress on Saturday. But I'm finding a lot of really cute white dresses that I would want to wear for everyone to see. I'll probably change my mind 12 more times before this post if even finished so ignore that last part. Since I haven't posted anything in a while, this post is going to be mostly pictures :) You're welcome.

I actually saw this dress on and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I didn't want to wear a long dress but this is so pretty.

I like this dress in ivory from Ann Taylor as well.

Oh Jessica Simpson, why do you tempt me with your beautiful shoes. Sweet, sweet shoes.

And of course there are the blue satin Manolos that became famous in Sex and the City (sigh). I have their image permanently etched into my brain.

These shoes are fabulous! They're by Naughty Monkey and I really like them!!