Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I know so far...

What I know so far is that our Ceremony will be on Friday April 8th, 2011. I still don't know the time. April's a big wedding month and the uber informative woman at the courthouse said it was a first come, first serve type of thing. That's cool. I'm antsy enough to be the first person there. We want immediate family to be with us during the ceremony. I was also told that I could have as many people as I could squeeze in the room which is a good thing because there's 7 of us in my family alone not including spouses. My good friend Jeff is taking the pictures. He took the pics at Kelli's wedding and did an excellent job of doing both that and video. I trust him completely with capturing our special days. After the ceremony, I want all of our family to stay and take some pics in Cathedral Square downtown. I just want to do some cute pics, nothing fancy. Friday night is dinner. Then, Saturday is THE DAY! Saturday at 6 in the evening at Brett and Connie's house, we're celebrating with everyone and I can't wait.

Our colors are black and silver and apparently white because everything I've purchased or made so far is black and white with silver accents. So be it. I'm obsessed with making things myself so I've been storing ideas and pictures of things that are going to be at the reception.The pic below is from our work holiday party and is my inspiration for our centerpieces. I was on the decorating committee and got to make a ton of stuff. My friend Erin is a creative genius and the below pic is one the many things that we created, under her brilliant guidance, for the party. I will be picking her brain for ideas as much as possible.

I've already decided on my honorary bridesmaids as well. My "honorary" BM's are honorary because we're not having a formal wedding ceremony so they're basically just getting the recognition that I thought they deserved by being my good friends. There's 12 of them and I haven't had the chance to ask all of them yet so that post will follow. My cake is pretty much picked out as soon as we hash out the details. Saturday Jan. 22nd I've got my consultation with Amy where I get to taste all of her cake flavors. I'm counting down to that Saturday for sure.

We're also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target which was a lot harder than one would think. I'm not used to making lists for others of things that we need/want. My friend Stefanie did show me a thing or two about registries though so I feel like I can do anything now :)

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