Thursday, January 6, 2011

The wedding plans have begun!!!

We have set the date for April 8th, 2011. I know, I know!! It's only three months away. The plan is to load up our immediate family and go to the courthouse. After, we're going to have an intimate dinner with family and our closest friends. Then, my favorite part, on Saturday the 9th we're having a reception to celebrate.

The courthouse may not be the first thing girls think of when they start planning a wedding but for us it's ideal. I've never been one of those girls that grows up planning the perfect wedding and dreaming of big white dresses. I helped Kelli plan her wedding and although I LOVE to plan a party, I hate all the tiny details that come with wedding planning. And if you think about it, it's a ton of money to spend for one day. I believe that our day(s) will be just as grand and just as special. Oh believe me, I will be decorating and sending invitations and making the reception as fantabulous as possible.

I thought getting Jared to decide on a date was going to be my hardest feat. Boy was I wrong. I came home on a Tuesday two weeks ago and asked Jared in a super sweet way if April 8th was ok. I'd asked him before and he always said "I don't know", his answer for everything. But on that particular Tuesday he said "Ok". Good enough for me. The hardest part of the beginning stages of our wedding has been finding a venue for the reception. The ceremony had to be on the 8th and since that was a Friday, I wanted the reception to be on a Saturday. A lot of Jared's family is in Mississippi and I understand that a lot of people would have to drive right after work to get to our reception if it was on Friday. The last thing I want is for people to not come celebrate with us because they're too tired from work. With that settled, I started looking at venues that I have been to before. Anyone that has planned a wedding before can tell you that venues charge a buttload on Saturdays and of course Fridays are cheaper. Rain on my parade why don't ya! After stressing about it for days, I got a call from Connie offering to have the reception at her house. She has a super nice house and her backyard has held many a birthday party. PERFECT!! Connie has saved me from a lot of stress and worry. That's two thousand dollars we don't have to spend and we can decorate the yard just as beautifully. Rent some tables and throw some linens on it....I'll of course talk about decorations later. I've got lots of ideas.

And last but not least....Why April 8th, you ask. I'm a special kind of nerd and my favorite number is 8 so my wedding had to be on the 8th. It was either April or July and I didn't want to wait until July! So on the eighth of April 2011 Jared and I (and our fam) are going to the courthouse around 1 in the afternoon to seal the deal. Then that night we're going to eat at American Cafe (they have a huge table big enough for all of us and Jared LOVES their cheese stars. Ha!) around 6. On April 9th, at 6 in the evening, we'll have a reception/party. I'll have an entire post on the reception later because we're still coming up with ideas on that. Oh, I can't wait!!!

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