Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Cakes, Brownie Towers Oh My

After our venue was picked for the reception, I immediately started thinking about all the other details. Invitations, decorations, FOOD!! Connie, being the awesome future sister-in-law that she is, has planned so many birthday parties for her little girls so she knows a lot of cake people. She gave me some names and I went searching. The first person I looked at was Amyland on Facebook. She has all her beautiful cakes and cupcakes, etc on Facebook under her pics. I liked a couple of her cakes for me but absolutely loved the three tier cake below. Our colors are black and silver so I was thinking black ribbon (in place of yellow) and a silver H in the center of the bow at top. Amy does a ton of different flavors as well so I'm dying to go for my consultation and taste-testing.

Amy also does an awesome fleur de lis cake but Jared wants something simple so Connie just gave me another idea. For Pres's Minnie Mouse party, Connie had a cute brownie tower that she put together adding little Minnie inspired details to personalize. Colored icing and sprinkles, etc. I'm not exactly sure how she did the tower part but it looks like she wrapped some boxes in cute paper and ribbons and then stacked the brownies on them. I think this is a fabulous idea and the more details I can involve myself in, the better. I'm dying to make this brownie tower NOW!

I'm probably going to go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and get some cute black and silver wrapping paper and I know Michaels has some really cute black, white and silver ribbons. Wrap up some boxes and voila I've got a tower just begging for some bite-sized brownies. Not sure yet what color icing I'm going to use but Connie did inform me that Hobby Lobby and WalMart have different colors. I took a couple of days off before the 8th so I'll be decorating brownies then and I'll take lots of step by step pictures :)

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