Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Candy Candy Candy!!!

We've picked out the cake flavors now. I don't want to go public with every single detail of the reception but the cake is not going to be chocolate, unfortunately. I love chocolate but since we're going to have the brownie tower, Jared and I picked two flavors that are really the complete opposite of chocolate. Last Saturday we went for our consultation with Amy and I must say that she is pretty awesome. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted the cake to look like and she had a box with cute little cupcakes made up for Jared and me to take home and taste. All of her cakes are really good. I especially liked the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing (hint hint).

Another thing that I've recently decided to do is a candy buffet. To replace favors, I'm going to have a table with several different types of candy and a chocolate fountain with all kinds of goodies to dip. I was having trouble thinking of a cute favor that hasn't been used at a thousand weddings before and really couldn't think of something so I chose what I think a lot of people would like as a favor: candy and chocolate. You're welcome :) Below are some cute examples of candy bars that people have put together.

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