Sunday, January 9, 2011


And now a non wedding-related post...We have recently become the proud parents of a 3lb dachshund pup named Isabella. It's a long, wonderful story but I'll keep it short. Mrs. Carla (who will be referred to as J for the rest of this story) bought the male and the female of the litter. She gave the male puppy to Tay and Pres and sent Jared home with the female to "housetrain". Isabella. I instantly fell in love with Baby Bella. She was barely over a pound, so little. I wanted to keep her more than anything. I rallied for Connie and Jared to talk Momma J into letting me keep her. I begged Jared to let me keep her by promising to take care of her by myself. Finally, the Tuesday before Christmas, J sent me a text and said the baby was my Christmas present. Made my day!! As we speak, she's asleep on my shoulder, sweet lil' head tucked under my chin, with the hiccups.  Love it!

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