Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm engaged!!!!!

This time I have good reason to have been absent for so long. I've been Christmas shopping, gotten engaged, gained another crazy baby to our brood, and occassionally made some jewelry. One of my New Years resolutions is to keep track of 2011 on this blog. It's going to be a special year and I should be able to look back and read everything that happened. This is one of those posts. The kind with a ton of details that might bore some but are very important to engagement story :)

A couple of weeks ago I was the fortunate carrier of some really gross sickness. Nothing fun or useful in losing weight like mono or a random stomach virus. Nope, I sneezed and sniffled until my entire face and all it's contents were red and puffy. I looked and felt like crap. So on the Wednesday of that week I went into work for half a day and came home to rest. Jared for some reason was interested in my every step. I came home and out of nowhere he decides that he needs to go to his mom's and leave me snotting and whining on the couch. Thursday, the 16th, I went into work as well for half a day. Again, Jared was all about where I was and how I was feeling. We had planned on going to Bellingrath with his nieces Taylor and Presley and his sis Connie that night but I wasn't feeling up to it. I'm stubborn and whiny on a regular basis so when I'm sick it's just plain awful. I'll be the first to admit that I'm difficult. So imagine the extent of bitchiness that took place on that day: I'm sick, Jared's aggravating me, I have to actually get off the couch. It was bad. But after a nap, I put on some cute clothes and we headed to Bellingrath. We get there, park and Jared says Pres has thrown up and they're not coming. Great! I don't feel good, lets go home. Uhhh wrong! Jared's already out of the truck, still talking about how excited he is to see the lights for the first time. Jared is never excited about anything so that was probably the only unusual part of the night. My patience was unusually thin that night and of course there's a choir at the gardens which means people everywhere. There are moments when I realize,above all other moments, that I absolutely love Jared and know without a doubt that we are supposed to be together. That night was one of those nights. Not for any of the normal reasons but because when I was getting the most irritated, waiting behind the long line of pokey people taking pictures at every light bulb and flower, Jared grabbed my hand and happily pulled me through the lines. We got to the bridge where the alligators and crawfish are and finally got out of the crowd. Over the bridge, we reach the deer and just as I was fixing to turn around and point out the cute deer display Jared grabs my arm. I turn around and there he is on his knee with a little black box. "Will you marry me?" Neither of us remember much after that but I'm pretty sure my first words were "Are you for real?". I snatch the ring up and put it on my finger, staring at it and didn't answer until Jared asked if that Jennifer-like response was a yes.

I'm a momma's girl to the core so obviously whenever anything of note happens the first person I want to tell is my momma. I begged Jared to let me use his phone to call my mom and he kept coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't. I got in the truck and called Mom about 20 times. Called my sister Lizzie, no answer. My step-dad Tony, no answer. I wanted to tell everyone that after 3 and a half years I was finally getting married but I HAD to tell Mom first and was having no luck reaching her. While I'm getting increasingly upset, Jared's talking about going to eat Mexican and how much he really wants a chile relleno. Seriously?? He's still talking about it when he opens the door to San Miguel and tells me that he already got a table. I walk in and see Lizzie at the table. Lizzie = Mom. Without a second thought of all the other people there and how I may look, I run to Mom and burst into tears. Mom , Lizzie, Tony, Mrs. Carla (who I now can lovingly refer to as Momma J) and Connie are all waiting at the table for us.

So the backstory behind all of this is when I got sick, I apparently ruined Jared's plans of proposing. Wednesday, he went to Mom's work and asked her if he could marry me. They talked about his plans and how I was being difficult and refusing to do anything. That night when he went to his "mom's" he actually went to Bellingrath Gardens with Con and the girls to pick out the spot where he would propose. However, the night they went there wasn't a choir to bring in a huge crowd of meandering old people. Thursday, Mom showed up to work and made me take some meds in hopes that I would stop being a crab. And no one would answer my call because Jared called and had everyone waiting for an hour at San Miguel. My ring is beautiful! He did a great job of picking it out and planning everything. Completely surprised me that he did all that for me. I one knee!!!  Must mean he really loves me :)

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Congratulations!! We are so happy for ya'll. Good job Jared :)