Thursday, January 20, 2011


Although I'm not having a big wedding, I still wanted to do something special for my close friends. Instead of having bridesmaids, I have "honorary" bridesmaids. Honorary in the sense that they're not walking down the aisle or holding bouquets. They're going to be my ladies. Come to showers, go to the bachelorette party, etc. They are in no particular order: Lizzie, Kelli, Stephanie, Sarah, Stefanie, Hali, Lindsey, Mandy, Jennifer, Alicia, Ashley, and Connie.

To ask them to be my bridesmaids I wanted to do something special for them. Another friend of mine found a really cute idea on Elise Blaha's Blog. I've become completely obsessed with doing everything myself for our wedding. I believe I've found my crafty soulmate. Elise's blog is full of awesome ideas. Anyway back to my BM's. I went and found some cardstock in blacks, whites, and silvers and made these really cute packets with all of the information that I thought each girl should know. They turned out really cute and I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't make myself one to keep :(

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