Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Candy Candy Candy!!!

We've picked out the cake flavors now. I don't want to go public with every single detail of the reception but the cake is not going to be chocolate, unfortunately. I love chocolate but since we're going to have the brownie tower, Jared and I picked two flavors that are really the complete opposite of chocolate. Last Saturday we went for our consultation with Amy and I must say that she is pretty awesome. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted the cake to look like and she had a box with cute little cupcakes made up for Jared and me to take home and taste. All of her cakes are really good. I especially liked the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing (hint hint).

Another thing that I've recently decided to do is a candy buffet. To replace favors, I'm going to have a table with several different types of candy and a chocolate fountain with all kinds of goodies to dip. I was having trouble thinking of a cute favor that hasn't been used at a thousand weddings before and really couldn't think of something so I chose what I think a lot of people would like as a favor: candy and chocolate. You're welcome :) Below are some cute examples of candy bars that people have put together.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Although I'm not having a big wedding, I still wanted to do something special for my close friends. Instead of having bridesmaids, I have "honorary" bridesmaids. Honorary in the sense that they're not walking down the aisle or holding bouquets. They're going to be my ladies. Come to showers, go to the bachelorette party, etc. They are in no particular order: Lizzie, Kelli, Stephanie, Sarah, Stefanie, Hali, Lindsey, Mandy, Jennifer, Alicia, Ashley, and Connie.

To ask them to be my bridesmaids I wanted to do something special for them. Another friend of mine found a really cute idea on Elise Blaha's Blog. I've become completely obsessed with doing everything myself for our wedding. I believe I've found my crafty soulmate. Elise's blog is full of awesome ideas. Anyway back to my BM's. I went and found some cardstock in blacks, whites, and silvers and made these really cute packets with all of the information that I thought each girl should know. They turned out really cute and I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't make myself one to keep :(

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Change of venue

We've changed the venue for the reception. I don't think anyone quite realized the amount of space we would need for all of our friends and family. I was distraught for a couple of days but we found somewhere. Celebrations is a party venue off of Snow Road. The pictures really don't do it justice. It's really nice and hopefully our reception will go over great here. Now I can really start planning my centerpieces and decorations. Excited!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I know so far...

What I know so far is that our Ceremony will be on Friday April 8th, 2011. I still don't know the time. April's a big wedding month and the uber informative woman at the courthouse said it was a first come, first serve type of thing. That's cool. I'm antsy enough to be the first person there. We want immediate family to be with us during the ceremony. I was also told that I could have as many people as I could squeeze in the room which is a good thing because there's 7 of us in my family alone not including spouses. My good friend Jeff is taking the pictures. He took the pics at Kelli's wedding and did an excellent job of doing both that and video. I trust him completely with capturing our special days. After the ceremony, I want all of our family to stay and take some pics in Cathedral Square downtown. I just want to do some cute pics, nothing fancy. Friday night is dinner. Then, Saturday is THE DAY! Saturday at 6 in the evening at Brett and Connie's house, we're celebrating with everyone and I can't wait.

Our colors are black and silver and apparently white because everything I've purchased or made so far is black and white with silver accents. So be it. I'm obsessed with making things myself so I've been storing ideas and pictures of things that are going to be at the reception.The pic below is from our work holiday party and is my inspiration for our centerpieces. I was on the decorating committee and got to make a ton of stuff. My friend Erin is a creative genius and the below pic is one the many things that we created, under her brilliant guidance, for the party. I will be picking her brain for ideas as much as possible.

I've already decided on my honorary bridesmaids as well. My "honorary" BM's are honorary because we're not having a formal wedding ceremony so they're basically just getting the recognition that I thought they deserved by being my good friends. There's 12 of them and I haven't had the chance to ask all of them yet so that post will follow. My cake is pretty much picked out as soon as we hash out the details. Saturday Jan. 22nd I've got my consultation with Amy where I get to taste all of her cake flavors. I'm counting down to that Saturday for sure.

We're also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target which was a lot harder than one would think. I'm not used to making lists for others of things that we need/want. My friend Stefanie did show me a thing or two about registries though so I feel like I can do anything now :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


And now a non wedding-related post...We have recently become the proud parents of a 3lb dachshund pup named Isabella. It's a long, wonderful story but I'll keep it short. Mrs. Carla (who will be referred to as J for the rest of this story) bought the male and the female of the litter. She gave the male puppy to Tay and Pres and sent Jared home with the female to "housetrain". Isabella. I instantly fell in love with Baby Bella. She was barely over a pound, so little. I wanted to keep her more than anything. I rallied for Connie and Jared to talk Momma J into letting me keep her. I begged Jared to let me keep her by promising to take care of her by myself. Finally, the Tuesday before Christmas, J sent me a text and said the baby was my Christmas present. Made my day!! As we speak, she's asleep on my shoulder, sweet lil' head tucked under my chin, with the hiccups.  Love it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding Cakes, Brownie Towers Oh My

After our venue was picked for the reception, I immediately started thinking about all the other details. Invitations, decorations, FOOD!! Connie, being the awesome future sister-in-law that she is, has planned so many birthday parties for her little girls so she knows a lot of cake people. She gave me some names and I went searching. The first person I looked at was Amyland on Facebook. She has all her beautiful cakes and cupcakes, etc on Facebook under her pics. I liked a couple of her cakes for me but absolutely loved the three tier cake below. Our colors are black and silver so I was thinking black ribbon (in place of yellow) and a silver H in the center of the bow at top. Amy does a ton of different flavors as well so I'm dying to go for my consultation and taste-testing.

Amy also does an awesome fleur de lis cake but Jared wants something simple so Connie just gave me another idea. For Pres's Minnie Mouse party, Connie had a cute brownie tower that she put together adding little Minnie inspired details to personalize. Colored icing and sprinkles, etc. I'm not exactly sure how she did the tower part but it looks like she wrapped some boxes in cute paper and ribbons and then stacked the brownies on them. I think this is a fabulous idea and the more details I can involve myself in, the better. I'm dying to make this brownie tower NOW!

I'm probably going to go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and get some cute black and silver wrapping paper and I know Michaels has some really cute black, white and silver ribbons. Wrap up some boxes and voila I've got a tower just begging for some bite-sized brownies. Not sure yet what color icing I'm going to use but Connie did inform me that Hobby Lobby and WalMart have different colors. I took a couple of days off before the 8th so I'll be decorating brownies then and I'll take lots of step by step pictures :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The wedding plans have begun!!!

We have set the date for April 8th, 2011. I know, I know!! It's only three months away. The plan is to load up our immediate family and go to the courthouse. After, we're going to have an intimate dinner with family and our closest friends. Then, my favorite part, on Saturday the 9th we're having a reception to celebrate.

The courthouse may not be the first thing girls think of when they start planning a wedding but for us it's ideal. I've never been one of those girls that grows up planning the perfect wedding and dreaming of big white dresses. I helped Kelli plan her wedding and although I LOVE to plan a party, I hate all the tiny details that come with wedding planning. And if you think about it, it's a ton of money to spend for one day. I believe that our day(s) will be just as grand and just as special. Oh believe me, I will be decorating and sending invitations and making the reception as fantabulous as possible.

I thought getting Jared to decide on a date was going to be my hardest feat. Boy was I wrong. I came home on a Tuesday two weeks ago and asked Jared in a super sweet way if April 8th was ok. I'd asked him before and he always said "I don't know", his answer for everything. But on that particular Tuesday he said "Ok". Good enough for me. The hardest part of the beginning stages of our wedding has been finding a venue for the reception. The ceremony had to be on the 8th and since that was a Friday, I wanted the reception to be on a Saturday. A lot of Jared's family is in Mississippi and I understand that a lot of people would have to drive right after work to get to our reception if it was on Friday. The last thing I want is for people to not come celebrate with us because they're too tired from work. With that settled, I started looking at venues that I have been to before. Anyone that has planned a wedding before can tell you that venues charge a buttload on Saturdays and of course Fridays are cheaper. Rain on my parade why don't ya! After stressing about it for days, I got a call from Connie offering to have the reception at her house. She has a super nice house and her backyard has held many a birthday party. PERFECT!! Connie has saved me from a lot of stress and worry. That's two thousand dollars we don't have to spend and we can decorate the yard just as beautifully. Rent some tables and throw some linens on it....I'll of course talk about decorations later. I've got lots of ideas.

And last but not least....Why April 8th, you ask. I'm a special kind of nerd and my favorite number is 8 so my wedding had to be on the 8th. It was either April or July and I didn't want to wait until July! So on the eighth of April 2011 Jared and I (and our fam) are going to the courthouse around 1 in the afternoon to seal the deal. Then that night we're going to eat at American Cafe (they have a huge table big enough for all of us and Jared LOVES their cheese stars. Ha!) around 6. On April 9th, at 6 in the evening, we'll have a reception/party. I'll have an entire post on the reception later because we're still coming up with ideas on that. Oh, I can't wait!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm engaged!!!!!

This time I have good reason to have been absent for so long. I've been Christmas shopping, gotten engaged, gained another crazy baby to our brood, and occassionally made some jewelry. One of my New Years resolutions is to keep track of 2011 on this blog. It's going to be a special year and I should be able to look back and read everything that happened. This is one of those posts. The kind with a ton of details that might bore some but are very important to engagement story :)

A couple of weeks ago I was the fortunate carrier of some really gross sickness. Nothing fun or useful in losing weight like mono or a random stomach virus. Nope, I sneezed and sniffled until my entire face and all it's contents were red and puffy. I looked and felt like crap. So on the Wednesday of that week I went into work for half a day and came home to rest. Jared for some reason was interested in my every step. I came home and out of nowhere he decides that he needs to go to his mom's and leave me snotting and whining on the couch. Thursday, the 16th, I went into work as well for half a day. Again, Jared was all about where I was and how I was feeling. We had planned on going to Bellingrath with his nieces Taylor and Presley and his sis Connie that night but I wasn't feeling up to it. I'm stubborn and whiny on a regular basis so when I'm sick it's just plain awful. I'll be the first to admit that I'm difficult. So imagine the extent of bitchiness that took place on that day: I'm sick, Jared's aggravating me, I have to actually get off the couch. It was bad. But after a nap, I put on some cute clothes and we headed to Bellingrath. We get there, park and Jared says Pres has thrown up and they're not coming. Great! I don't feel good, lets go home. Uhhh wrong! Jared's already out of the truck, still talking about how excited he is to see the lights for the first time. Jared is never excited about anything so that was probably the only unusual part of the night. My patience was unusually thin that night and of course there's a choir at the gardens which means people everywhere. There are moments when I realize,above all other moments, that I absolutely love Jared and know without a doubt that we are supposed to be together. That night was one of those nights. Not for any of the normal reasons but because when I was getting the most irritated, waiting behind the long line of pokey people taking pictures at every light bulb and flower, Jared grabbed my hand and happily pulled me through the lines. We got to the bridge where the alligators and crawfish are and finally got out of the crowd. Over the bridge, we reach the deer and just as I was fixing to turn around and point out the cute deer display Jared grabs my arm. I turn around and there he is on his knee with a little black box. "Will you marry me?" Neither of us remember much after that but I'm pretty sure my first words were "Are you for real?". I snatch the ring up and put it on my finger, staring at it and didn't answer until Jared asked if that Jennifer-like response was a yes.

I'm a momma's girl to the core so obviously whenever anything of note happens the first person I want to tell is my momma. I begged Jared to let me use his phone to call my mom and he kept coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't. I got in the truck and called Mom about 20 times. Called my sister Lizzie, no answer. My step-dad Tony, no answer. I wanted to tell everyone that after 3 and a half years I was finally getting married but I HAD to tell Mom first and was having no luck reaching her. While I'm getting increasingly upset, Jared's talking about going to eat Mexican and how much he really wants a chile relleno. Seriously?? He's still talking about it when he opens the door to San Miguel and tells me that he already got a table. I walk in and see Lizzie at the table. Lizzie = Mom. Without a second thought of all the other people there and how I may look, I run to Mom and burst into tears. Mom , Lizzie, Tony, Mrs. Carla (who I now can lovingly refer to as Momma J) and Connie are all waiting at the table for us.

So the backstory behind all of this is when I got sick, I apparently ruined Jared's plans of proposing. Wednesday, he went to Mom's work and asked her if he could marry me. They talked about his plans and how I was being difficult and refusing to do anything. That night when he went to his "mom's" he actually went to Bellingrath Gardens with Con and the girls to pick out the spot where he would propose. However, the night they went there wasn't a choir to bring in a huge crowd of meandering old people. Thursday, Mom showed up to work and made me take some meds in hopes that I would stop being a crab. And no one would answer my call because Jared called and had everyone waiting for an hour at San Miguel. My ring is beautiful! He did a great job of picking it out and planning everything. Completely surprised me that he did all that for me. I one knee!!!  Must mean he really loves me :)