Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PYP has Permanent Vinyl!!

Hurry on over to Pick Your Plum today. They have 4 rolls of 8x24inch permanent vinyl for $4.

I think all of our mixing bowls should say this. So cute!!

This stuff is made to get wet!  Here are some of the specs:
Waterproof, Gloss finish, Very Sticky Permanent Solvent, Indoor durability 10 years+, Outdoor durability 6 years+.

In 4 awesome colors:
  • Clean White
  • Coordinating Pink
  • Harmonized Turquoise
  • Established Black
This would be great for all those New Years projects to better organize your home. I'm going to need a LOT of vinyl!!!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!!!! I wanted to share our Christmas tree on this wonderful day. I'm exhausted and currently in the comatose state that usually follows a busy day. Now we just get to lay around and enjoy our time with the furbabies.

I love Christmas decorations, especially the ones that I pick out myself. It's that inner control freak thing :) The theme for my plethora of Christmas decor this year is different hues of blue and silver and white. Had I finished all my decorations, our house would have been a winterblue wonderland. I'm easily distracted though and Jared and I exchanged gifts WAY early so I've been playing with the Cricut ever since. Sadly, my decorations took a backseat to all the fun presents I've been making with my new toy.

I took all the pictures below with my new iPhone that I have been coveting for the longest time. I did manage to make some cute glitter ornaments and bought some from WalMart for the cheap and no onw would ever know they were from Wally World. Well, of course until now. Please ignore the clutter around our poor fake tree. Our house just isn't big enough for all our stuff.

Geaux Saints!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bellingrath Gardens

For those of you who have never heard of Bellingrath, it's fabulous. It is a huge wonderland of Christmas lights during the holidays. The hubs proposed last year on December 16th at the Gardens so we've started a tradition of recreating the whole night. I will go ahead and warn you: If you're not into Christmas lights and tons of pictures please turn back now. I get a little cheesy around this time of year and I love Christmas lights (especially with the Hubby) so I took a ton of pictures. 

Jared got down on one knee right in front of these deer. I remember thinking that Jared would like this section (because he hunts..never shot anything in the 4 plus years we've been together though so I don't mind it lol) right before he grabbed my arm and proposed.

It takes Jared 30 minutes to take a picture, hence the impatient look I've got going here.

This is one of my favorite parts. The "underwater" lights.

Hope everyone's ready for the holidays! They'll be here in a couple of days. So excited :0)

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My Christmas Wrap

I love wrapping presents for some reason. It has nothing to do with the actual presents, I just like the methodical taping and folding. I've been super busy pinning cute wrapping ideas on Pinterest over the last month because it's all in the details. I bought this awesome personalized ribbon below from Pick Your Plum. I'm telling you, you've got to sign up for PYP's daily deals. They are awesome!! I have ordered a ton of things (flower cabochons, ribbon, ric rac, magnetic recipe holders, feathers, and the list goes on) from their site and have yet to be disappointed.

These are gifts for my friends, most of which came to my bachelorette party, so I've included a small wallet-sized pic from that night. It's all in the details ;)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


So uhh...I didn't realize that ALL of my polyvore activity was being linked up to my blog. Big Oops. I've deleted them and hopefully will be able to figure out how to stop that from happeneing again. I've been taking a break from my Etsy shop and the blog so I can make all my Christmas gifts and get the decorations finished. I put just a little too much on my plate this year. Next year, I will be organized! Don't I say that every year? And every year it's a big FAIL. But I can I promise to post some of my holiday crafts real soon. I've been a busy busy girl!

Hope everyone is having an awesome season! It's currently 70 degrees here in humid Mobile. Doesn't feel like Christmas outside but I'm still oh so excited about the holidays and VACAY!!! Yay :)

See you real soon!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

a little bit of leopard

I'm a little obsessed with Polyvore now. It's another way for me to get that creativity fix for the day. I want to incorporate a little more fashion and shopping into my life and this blog. Definitely the shopping :0) I've been pinning cute outfit ideas on Pinterest for a while now and they seem to mostly be coming from polyvore. Why not join in the fun! Hope you enjoy seeing some of my sets.
a little bit of leopard

Cocoon cardigan
$23 - target.com

V neck t shirt
$17 - alloy.com

Flower bag
$20 - tillys.com

$20 - endless.com

TopShop leopard print scarve
$32 - topshop.com

Framed Heart Studs
$1.50 - forever21.com

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Etsy Treasury - Aqua: my heart

Howdy! I apologize for being MIA recently. I have a craft show coming up this weekend as well as making a handmade Christmas. It's rough but I love it :) I'm decorating in blues, greens, and silver. Can't wait to share all the decorations with you.

A pair of my earrings were featured in Country Chiq's fabulous Etsy treasury - Aqua: my heart. Love all these light blue items!

Mademoiselle Mermaid has an item in this treasury as well. I featured her shop in this post. I LOVE her leg warmers.

You've also got to check out Country Chiq's Etsy shop. They have some very cute items. Some of my faves...

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Good Morning everyone!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm stuck at work :( Enough said. The winner of the Giveaway, because I'm feeling very thankful today is going to be both the comments.

Mel said...
oh! oh! oh! pick me! :)

Jared said...
This would be a perfect christmas gift for my wife!!

I also have a coupon code for everyone to use at my Etsy shop.Code:  HOLIDAY will get you 20% off your purchase and from now through Tuesday, every purchase will receive a pair of flower earrings of your choice for free!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't forget

...about the giveaway. Ends tonight. To enter, go over to this post and leave a comment. You'll get an awesome gift certificate to my Etsy Shop.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I, unfortunately, don't think I'll be able to eat much. I started making a new product on Sunday morning. I got way too into the process of hand sewing some beads and absent-mindedly ate an entire bag of atomic fireballs. They're delicious. I can't just suck on them either, I wait until I can bite into them and then chew the Shhh out of them. Seemed like a good idea at the time but my mouth is now in tatters. Raw and swollen. It's getting better but is still painful and I've only been able to eat yogurt, smoothies, and soup. Lesson learned! So if you happen to come in contact with me tomorrow and I'm in a horrid mood it's because I haven't been able to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks fireballs for being so incredibly tempting.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday! The first day of Thanksgiving Week.  Hope everyone had a nice break. As well as being super excited about Thanksgiving (I LOVE me some food), I had a very creative weekend! For the past couple of weeks, I have been the unlucky host to a nasty case of creative block. I had a breakthrough so I'm moving on finally :)

With that in mind, I'd like to share something. I have a craft show coming up in early December that I'm going to be making tons of goodies for. The Holiday Glitz Shopping Spree. If you live nearby (Mobile, AL) you should definitely save this date....

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Etsy Treasury - November smells like...mandarin

Yay Saturday!!! Saturday has to be one of my favorite days!! Snuggling with the furbabies and lying around until I get the urge to do something which usually is about an hour after I wake up :) On a side note, the colorful treasury that I'm about to share reminds me of Country Strong when Gwenyth Paltrow says "Don’t be afraid to fall in love, It’s the only thing that matters in life. Fall in love with as many things as possible." I have fallen in love with color! BTW if you haven't seen that movie, you should. I don't like country music but that movie is awesome!

Back to out regularly scheduled program; Today I want to share with you another beautifully colorful Etsy Treasury that features my earrings. I absolutely adore this mandarin color.

November Smells Like...Mandarin by Persefoni {I lurve her name!!!}

 I really want that felted bouquet. Isn't it lovely!

Hope everyone has an awesome day and thank you so much for stopping by ;0)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Mini Wreaths

Here are some pics of the custom mini wreaths I've been working on. I finally managed to get them finished and take some pictures.

I'm sure you've seen plenty of the yarn wreaths but just in case you haven't and you'd like to make one, know that they are very easy but time-consuming. I'm way too impatient to take pictures for a tutorial but I promise I will on my next wreath. I always buy the straw wreaths that are wrapped tightly in clear plastic. They're easy to work with and I like the knobby looking shape after they're finished. Basically you tie the end of the yarn around the wreath. Knot it tightly and then wrap the mess out of it. Goes by quickly when you're watching tv. When I finish wrapping mine, I put a line of hot glue or LocTite on the back of the wreath and stick the end of the yarn in it. I normally cover up the glue spot with felt flowers so really it wouldn't be the "back" of the wreath but you get the idea.

You can find Mrs Priss's tutorial to make the pom pom felt flowers here. For the leaves, I wing it and cut out some leaf shapes. Pinch the end together and put a drop of glue to hold the "pinch". It doesn't have to be perfect :)

Camo yarn. You know you're in the South now. I can't remember where I found the deer silhouette. I basically googled it and then cut it out and traced it onto my felt. Cute. I mean, very manly ;)

I love these argyle wreaths. This wreath did cause me some trouble because I'm a perfectionist and had to put a dab of LocTite on all the X's so they wouldn't budge. For this wreath, I cut out the diamond shapes first and attach them to the wreath with a dab of LocTite. Wrap the orange yarn at a wide angle in one direction. When the yarn reaches the point where you started,  put a tad bit of glue to hold it in place on the back of the wreath and then start wrapping at a wide angle in the opposite direction to make an X on the top of each diamond. I made sure the diamonds stayed in place with ANOTHER dab of glue. When I reached my starting point I glued the end of the yarn to the back of the wreath. And Ta Da. The end. You have a wreath that has pretty much been glued to death :)

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! The flower jewelry is going back to regular price and the discount code BLOG20 is no longer effective after tonight so hurry over to Jewelry by Jenn to get some Christmas presents for the cheap ;0)

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Thursday Giveaway

Happy almost Friday!!! As if that isn't exciting enough, I have a this week's giveaway looking all pretty and ready to be shipped to one lucky winner.

A gift certificate for $15 at Jewelry by Jenn! Because I love you ;0) To win this wonderful certificate of shopping delight, just leave me a comment. Say anything. You can tell me your favorite color, your best friend's name, whatev. Just leave a comment on this post and the winner will be picked by random.org next Wednesday, November 23rd.

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